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Oklahoma City restaurant's key dynamic is heritage

”That sense of family inspires everything Cathy Cummings does. Every person who walks through the door is immediately treated as family, making repeat business common.”

-David Cathey
Read here: “Oklahoma City restaurant’s key dynamic is heritage”


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(405) 848-4867  

Monday - Saturday 5:00PM - 9:00PM

Eating Out, The Healthy Way.

Steering to good choices in restaurants is easier than you may think.

Chef It Up: Cathy Cummings homemade tomato sauce

Oklahoma City restaurant's owner shares grandmother's recipe for tomato sauce.

Chef It Up is a series in which Food Editor Dave Cathey enlists the help of local chefs to share kitchen secrets to help readers elevate the meals they serve to friends and family.


Oklahoma Gazette

All In the Family

“Using recipes collected from a lifetime in the kitchen with her Italian family, Cathy Cummings turns out traditional, homemade favorites in her Vito’s Ristorante.”

-Jenny Coon Peterson
Oklahoma Gazette
Read here: “All In The Family”

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